The “Moon Knight” ending takes a season 2

Moon Knight finished its six episodes, the first season here, and while it’s supposed to be a one-off miniseries, it definitely won’t show up that way in the finale. Yep, Moon Knight just seems to want and need a season 2, even though it would be only the second live action Marvel series so far to have one.

How does it end? We have to go in spoiler territory for that, so turn away if you haven’t seen today’s episode yet.

Thankfully, Moon Knight didn’t burden us with killing Steven permanently, as Marc gives up eternal bliss to be with him in the sands of the Duat. This apparently moves Osiris enough to save both of their souls and, combined with Layla freeing Khonshu, the two come back to life. Things have changed. Personalities now talk to each other and seamlessly move in and out of each other rather than fighting over control of the body. And Steven is … somehow really good at fighting now as Mr. Knight. Sure why not.

The gods are desperate after a freed Ammit wipes out all the other avatars, so Layla agrees to be Taweret’s “temporary” avatar who gives her a costume and fantastic golden wings that she can use both for flying and as weapons, a somewhat similar to Falcon. If she has an interesting name like “Moon Knight” we haven’t heard it yet. “Hippo Knight” doesn’t exactly come off the tongue.

Layla is a completely original, non-cartoonish character created specifically for this Moon Knight series, presumably to ensure that a series about the Egyptian gods actually had an Egyptian character. I was ecstatic to see her gain her powers and become a fully fledged superheroine, and it would be a shame if she wasn’t allowed to continue using those wings in a second season, which I’ll consider point one of the topic here.

Of course, the cliffhanger’s biggest development is the final reveal of the third personality the show has been teasing all this time, a hyper violent entity neither Steven nor Marc know about.

He would really be Jake Lockley from the comics, where he is an American taxi driver, but in Moon Knight, he is shown kidnapping and killing Harrow for Khonshu while speaking Spanish. He may still be American, but I wonder if the Spaniard is Oscar Isaac who will have a third personality for the show who actually represents his true ethnicity (his full name is Óscar Isaac Hernández Estrada, in case you don’t know) .

Again, it would be another weird twist to finally introduce Jake Lockley as a composing factor and not bring him back further into a second season.

Unlike other Marvel series, Moon Knight doesn’t look destined for his blockbuster movie, nor is the character quite ready to leap to some other part of the universe as a guest star, as nothing on the show connects in any meaningful way with any other property. MCU. That’s okay! Everything doesn’t have to have crossover and cameo! But what it means, and how the show ends, is that Disney should give the green light to a second season of Moon Knight to continue this story and continue building this corner of the universe.

We hope to hear more about the plans soon, but Disney is very confused with things like this. Sometimes the path to follow is obvious. Wandavision switched to Multiverse of Madness. Falcon and the Winter Soldier is turning into Captain America 4. But while Loki has gotten a season 2, a show like Hawkeye remains in the air, even though that series seemed to need another full series of episodes with Kate. Bishop and Yelena Belova. Yet, so far, crickets.

We’ll see what happens to Moon Knight, but so far it’s been a weird and good ride.

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