The creepy Skyrim clip shows mannequins casually walking in solitude

Skyrim is all kinds of things, from an adventure game, to an open world, to a bug-ridden mess, and sometimes there’s a bit of horror in the mix.

Despite the onslaught of ferocious dragons and the general combat that accompanies such an epic open world game, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim it can actually be a relaxing experience. With a study showing that it is one of the best video games for inducing awareness in gamers, the 10-year title is quite large and gorgeous and can offer something more than sword fighting and missions. However, it can also be a little creepy at times, which isn’t always something people expect when jumping in.


In a recent clip uploaded to Skyrim Subreddit, the battleooze1615 user can be seen enjoying the sights of Solitude, observing some of the guards during their training. However, the player’s attention quickly turns when he notices a particular sight, namely that a number of mannequins seem to stroll around the city as if nothing was out of the ordinary. It’s even stranger because none of the other NPCs seem to notice or even care that two statues have started walking calmly around the place. It’s a rather creepy thing to see.

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The mannequins inside Skyrim they’re still pretty terrifying and while it’s tempting to say this might be a mod that adds them as regular NPCs, the fact that they don’t seem to have a name or option to talk to them could mean it’s a bug. What seems to upset the player even more is when one of them turns to talk when he gets too close, and it seems to leave him baffled in what may have simply started as a leisurely ride through town.

Loneliness is one of Skyrimmost interesting cities of the city, as not only is it the capital of the country, but the huge rocky structure that separates it from the Blue Palace gives it a very characteristic aspect. In this regard, seeing two dummies strolling while the guards train is not something players will expect. But as mentioned above, it could be simply a glitch, albeit a disturbing one.

With also the anniversary edition of Skyrim having bugs that break the game, the game in general is known for its litany of problems. While there are some that spoil the experience, many are more fun or in some cases creepy, and players are often eager to show what they have discovered in the wild. It should be a devastating criticism of the game and its developer, but any harmless glitches fans encounter seem to simply add to the overall appeal of the experience.

Skyrim Special edition is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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