The court denies Trump’s effort to suspend a $ 10,000 daily fine for outrage

A New York court on Tuesday denied former President Donald Trump’s request to end $ 10,000 in daily fines and a order of contempt collected by a judge on April 25. Trump was scorned for failing to comply with a December 1, 2021 subpoena from New York State Attorney General Letitia James in his office’s wide-ranging civil fraud investigation against the former president and his company.

Alina Habba, a Trump attorney, declined to comment on Tuesday’s decision by the New York Division of Appeals Court of the First Department.

Habba asked the court on Monday to issue a suspension, lifting the fine as Trump challenged the outrage order. In his motion he argued that the “exorbitant fine is completely unjustified” and “blatantly inappropriate” and that the judge who ruled that Trump did not comply with the subpoena did so “by mistake”.

Trump kept it he has none of the documents – including documents relating to his personal finances, as well as various properties and projects associated with the Trump Organization – James is looking for.

James’s office said Trump’s lawyers did not adequately explain where and how they conducted their search for documents, and New York judge Arthur Engoron agrees.

Trump appealed Engoron’s contempt in court of appeals division while simultaneously trying to get the judge to revoke his order.

On Friday, Trump and his lawyers filed affidavits purporting to describe their search for documents, but Engoron rejected them.

“Mr. Trump’s personal affidavit is completely devoid of useful details,” Engoron wrote in his Friday ruling. The judge then ordered Trump to submit a “Jackson affidavit,” a detailed account of what was searched and how. Such an affidavit is typically issued when a subpoenaed document cannot be found.

Trump and two of his sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump, received the order on Feb.17 of appear for depositions in James’ probe. They appealed the summons and are awaiting a decision on that appeal. Trump did not appeal a separate part of that February 17 ruling in which he was ordered to comply with James’ December 1, 2021 subpoena for documents.

Lawyers in James’ office said they have evidence that Trump and his company “used fraudulent and misleading balance sheets to gain financial gain.” The initial objective of the investigation was whether the Trump Organization inflated asset valuations while seeking loans and insurance coverage and deflated their value to reduce tax liability.

The appeals court is expected to hear Trump’s outrage appeal on May 23.

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