Salvador Ramos’ grandfather reveals the bloodstained house after shooting his grandmother in the face

Bloodstains still mark the interior of the house where Texas gunman Salvador Ramos shot his grandmother in the face before killing 21 people at a nearby elementary school, according to new footage.

“There is blood everywhere,” Ramos’ grandfather Rolando Reyes told independent reporter Ali Bradley as they toured the house.

Mr. Reyes said friends and family had helped him clean the blood from the house, but those drops still remained on the doorposts and even on the ceiling of the house in Uvalde, Texas, where Ramos had recently started living. with his grandparents.

Police said Ramos’ grandmother Celia Gonzalez was shot in the face, then called the police herself as the 18-year-old headed to Robb Elementary School in the family’s truck.

A corridor in Salvador Ramos ‘grandparents’ home, where bloodstains were still visible after the 18-year-old shot his grandmother in the face before killing 21 people at a nearby primary school.

(Ali Bradley)

The bullet hit 66-year-old Ms. Gonzalez in her cheek and exited under her ear, according to Mr. Reyes. She is now awake and communicating with her family in writing at a local hospital, she added.

Details are emerging about the moments leading up to the horrific shooting.

Blood stains can be seen on the doorposts of Salvador Ramos ‘grandparents’ house.

(Ali Bradley)

Mr. Reyes told ABC News that Ramos and his grandmother entered a little argument about a phone bill.

A neighbor of Ramos named Eduardo Trinidad, meanwhile, said the teenager was angry that he didn’t graduate from high school and had a fight with his grandmother on the morning of the shooting, according to reporting by John Mone of Newsy.

Ramos sent three Facebook messages before the shooting, although authorities have not announced to whom. The first said, “I’m going to shoot my grandmother,” and was followed by one who said, “I shot my grandmother.” Its final message said “I’m going to shoot an elementary school”.

Salvador Ramos has reportedly moved in with his grandparents after an argument with his mother.

(Ali Bradley)

The teenager also sent a message to a German girl he met online about her plans to “shoot an elementary school”. She he told the New York Times she wasn’t sure he was serious.

“Maybe I could have changed the result,” said the girl, whose identity is anonymous because she is a minor. “I could never imagine she would actually do it.”

Family members said they did not know Ramos was violent or in possession of weapons, but noted that he seemed lonely and prone to outbursts of aggression.

“He was very quiet, he didn’t talk much,” Mr. Reyes told ABC News.

Grandpa said he was unaware that Ramos had recently legally purchased two AR-15-style rifles on his 18th birthday and would report them to the police.

His grandmother had recently taken him to an Applebee restaurant to celebrate his birthday.

Adriana Reyes, Ramos’ mother, said her son was not a “monster”, but he could be aggressive.

“I had an uncomfortable feeling at times, like ‘what are you up to?” she he told ABC News. “He can be aggressive … If he gets really angry.”

Friends and neighbors said they often saw Ramos and his mother get into heated arguments. He reportedly started living with his grandparents after the two got into a fight.

“He posted videos on his Instagram of the cops and he called his mother the fuck and said he wanted to kick him out,” Nadia Reyes, a high school friend, told the Post. “He was screaming and talking to his mother in a really aggressive way.”

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