Roe v Wade news – live: Biden swears action to protect abortion rights as John Roberts confirms leaked opinion

Protesters in Roe v Wade talk about the Supreme Court’s plan to abandon the abortion law

Leading Democrats have condemned the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Eggs against Wade ruling that legalized abortion nationwide nearly 50 years ago. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts confirmed the leaked draft was authentic, as President Joe Biden vowed to thwart the court’s upcoming decision.

Democratic Congressional leadership said Republican-appointed judges who would approve Judge Samuel Alito’s opinion were “ready to inflict the biggest restriction on rights in the past 50 years,” such as abortion rights.

The decision indicates that the conservative majority of the Supreme Court will support a Mississippi law that criminalizes abortion assistance at 15 weeks of pregnancy, in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, and set aside the precedents established in Roe and affirmed by the 1993 decision in Casey vs. Planned Parenthood.

Republican officials have meanwhile celebrated Roe’s probable disappearance by condemning the “leak” from the nation’s high court.


ICYMI: What did Donald Trump’s Supreme Court appointees say about Roe v. Wade during the confirmation hearings

Former President Donald Trump has appointed three Supreme Court justices during his single term. During the confirmation hearings, each of them insisted on it Roe vs Wade a precedent was set and said they would support the law.

Those claims were either lies or the judges were easily persuaded to change their minds, as nearly all of Trump’s appointees were aligned with the draft decision to overturn. Roe vs Wade.

Graig Graziosi has more on the changing views of the judges in the report below:

GraziosiMay 4, 2022 3:17 pm


So, America turns the clock back, writes The Independent’s editorial board.

If the unprecedented leaks about the US Supreme Court’s inner thinking are correct, half of the country’s population is about to have a basic human right erased.

Distinguished attorneys, no different to anyone else, have their own views on social and political issues – it would be surprising if they didn’t – and are subject to the same tendencies in the climate of opinion as any other citizen. The rise of religious conservatism in the United States over the past four decades or so has dramatically changed the social and political context of politics, the courts, and the armed “conscience” issues that had previously been kept out of partisan politics. The takeover of the Republican Party by the religious right was the precursor and enabler of Trumpism, and the movement, with its preponderance in the less populous states, does not go away. Through Congress, the Presidency and the courts, its growing influence is now such that it can abolish a basic human right.

The independent editorial staff

Read on for the premium opinion piece of The Independents drafting below.

Giovanna ChisholmMay 4, 2022 3:04 pm


Barack Obama Releases Statement On Supreme Court Draft Decision After Facing Criticism For Inaction During His Administration

Former President Barack Obama released a statement Tuesday regarding the leaked draft Supreme Court decision aiming to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“If the Supreme Court eventually decides to overturn the historical case of Roe v. Wade will then not only undo nearly 50 years of precedent, but relegate the most intensely personal decision anyone can make to the whims of politicians and ideologues.

Few, if any, women make the decision to terminate a pregnancy by chance, and people of good will across the political spectrum may have different views on the matter. But what Roe acknowledged is that the freedom enshrined in the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution requires all of us to enjoy a sphere of our life that is not subject to state interference – a sphere that includes personal decisions involving who we sleep with. , who we marry, whether or not to use contraception and whether or not to have children ”.

Today Obama was criticized for failing to codify Roe vs Wade became law during his presidency, which he said would be the “first thing he would do” as president.

He later claimed that codifying the law “was not his top legislative priority” when asked why he had not kept his promise.

Read his full statement below.

GraziosiMay 4, 2022 2:24 pm


What is an ectopic pregnancy and how dangerous is it?

While the bill makes exceptions for medical emergencies, such as ectopic pregnancies, state Senator Warren Hamilton wondered why he should do so during a debate on the wider abortion ban.

Her comments prompted hundreds of women on social media to share their experiences with ectopic pregnancies and how abortion saved their lives, and accused Hamilton of wanting to “sentence women to death.”

Continue reading the full article of The independent below, which explains the risks and concerns associated with an ectopic pregnancy.

Giovanna ChisholmMay 4, 2022 2:03 pm


Politico staff reportedly said they are “vigilant” about who takes office following a historic leak.

PoliticThe outlet behind the historic scoop on a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion that could take down Roe v Wade, allegedly told his staff entering their building to remain “vigilant” about who enters office elevators with them.

The New York Times reporter Katie Robertson, who covers the media, tweeted Tuesday about an internal memo sent to Politico employees detailing how they were warned in the wake of the leak the outlet first reported.

“According to an internal memo, Politico employees have been advised to pay attention to whoever enters elevators with them in the office and to consider removing any personal details from social media accounts that identify them as Politico staff,” Ms. Robertson tweeted.

Giovanna ChisholmMay 4, 2022 1:04 pm


Opinion: If Roe v Wade is overturned, the backlash could seriously damage Republicans

In the wake of a draft that outlines the potential overturning of historical legislation Eggs against Wade having leaked Monday night, there will be an immediate political fallout for both Democrats and Republicans, analysts agree. In particular, they note, as the two sides look forward to the autumn midterm.

But the GOP, the party that supported the cause of the reversal of the nearly half-century precedent, could feel that heat more intensely, The Independents writes the senior Washington correspondent.

“This is truly unprecedented, and just to be honest with you will piss off a lot of people across the country,” Marcela Mulholland, political director of the progressive poll Data for Progress, told me in the wake of the news. “And there has been a lot of talk that this is a difficult mid-term cycle for the Democrats. But I really think it cannot be said how a decision like this can have ramifications and really be a backlash against the conservatives who are depriving people of their constitutional rights to bodily autonomy ”.

Eric Garcia, The Independent’s senior correspondent from Washington

To continue reading the editorial from The Independents Eric Garcia, click below.

Giovanna ChisholmMay 4, 2022 12:04 pm


Stephen Colbert criticizes conservative judges on Roe’s draft, labels “liars”

Stephen Colbert, a self-proclaimed devout Christian and Sunday school teacher, addressed his audience Tuesday evening with a reflection that seemed to sum up much of the sentiment in the country after a draft opinion threatening to reverse Roe v Wade leaked late Monday. night.

“Well, fuck,” began the late night host with an exasperated sigh. “You know what we’re going to talk about tonight, so buckle up.”

He went on to explain how his original plan for that night’s monologue was to discuss the MET Gala on Monday night, but, he joked, he was now forced to talk about “another group of out-of-this-world people in crazy clothes. pretending it’s 1895, the Supreme Court. “

“So congratulations girls – the decisions about what you can do with your body are now being made by four old men and a woman thinking The Handmaid’s Tale it’s a romantic comedy, ”the host joked late at night, referring to the popular TV series-turned-book set in a dystopian America where women are forced to live as concubines under a theocratic dictatorship.

After a series of hot filming, the CBS host then charged the judges they had previously claimed during the confirmation hearings – namely Samuel Alito, Amy Coney Barrett, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh – that Roe had been “credited. as a precedent “and” law of the land “.

“American voters support abortion in all or most cases at 80 percent. They knew if they were honest, they wouldn’t get the job, so they lied, which I think is perjury, “Colbert said.” But what do I know? I’m not a Supreme Court judge. I’m not a good enough liar. ” .

Watch the full Tuesday night monologue below.

Giovanna ChisholmMay 4, 2022 11:04 am


Biden urges voters to “elect pro-choice officials” as Democrats hope “radical” leak will rally the medium-term basis

For at least two generations of American women, the constitutional protections affirmed by the 1973 Supreme Court ruling in Eggs against Wade they were both practical guarantees and a symbol of bodily autonomy and a women’s agency used to navigate the frailty of abortion assistance in the United States.

If the court overturns that precedent, abortion advocates warn that Americans must “prepare for a future where more and more people will be punished and criminalized for seeking and providing abortion treatment.”

The independentAndrew Buncombe on what the upcoming ruling could mean for the court – and its growing abuses by religious activists – as well as the midterm elections, the Biden administration, and America’s abortion rights:

Alex WoodwardMay 4, 2022 10:00


Oklahoma abortion providers swear a legal challenge as the governor signs a 6-week ban into law

Abortion rights advocates and civil rights groups have pledged to challenge a couple of Oklahoma laws that ban abortion at six weeks of pregnancy and make abortion treatment a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison .

A judge rejected a request for a temporary restraining order to block the six-week ban, which now goes into effect immediately.

Alex WoodwardMay 4, 2022 9:00 am


Mapped: States that will completely ban abortion if Roe v Wade is overturned

Alex WoodwardMay 4, 2022 8:00 am

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