Phil Hellmuth praises MrBeast, Ninja, xQc after Ludwig’s $ 1 million poker event

Poker legend Phil Hellmuth praised MrBeast, Ninja, xQc and others after enjoying Ludwig’s $ 1 million YouTube poker tournament and even claimed to have made new friends.

On Sunday May 1st, Ludwig hosted a $ 1 million YouTube poker tournament. It featured some of the greatest content creators on the planet, along with a handful of professional poker players, including Phil Hellmuth.

Not only did the spectators have a great time watching the event, but the attendees enjoyed it too.

Hellmuth has shared her thoughts on it now that it has been done and praised the other attendees in a series of tweets.

Twitter: Ludovico

Ludwig’s $ 1 million poker tournament was a resounding success.

First, he praised Alexandra Botez, who dominated the tournament and won a whopping $ 456,900 for her efforts. It quickly became apparent that she was not only the queen of chess, but perhaps also the queen of poker.

“Alexandra Botez is a delight,” she said. “She is smart, sociable, fun to be with and performs well at the poker table. She won big and handled my attacks with aplomb and clever responses. Bravo Alessio! “

Then, he turned his attention to MrBeast, who came in second place with a solid $ 438,900. The two have already dated together. However, that didn’t stop him from praising the beloved YouTuber.

“Jimmy is an amazing human being! Having spent time with him on and off the table, I can tell you that he is exactly what you see: caring, loving, fun AF, charismatic and helping the world! What an extraordinary model for our kids. “

Eventually, it came down to Ludwig, who not only organized the event but also won big, taking home $ 404,700. “Ludwig was as cool as the other side of the pillow!” He said. “He organized the game, played great poker and won big.”

He also praised Ludwig for handling the “ups and downs” of a poker tournament like a “pro” before making fun of himself for not doing the same. After all, he spat at the mannequin a couple of times during the night.

Next, he praised the juicer warlord himself, who was one of the stars of the show despite losing $ 100,000 overnight.

“xQc is a boss!” He said. “He shoots millions of dollars on his stream, just gambling and having fun. He performed perfectly at the poker table and wore the best sunglasses. Great personality! “

Last but not least, Hellmuth busted Ninja, who finished in fourth place after grossing $ 144,300 overnight. He praised his charm, intelligence and work ethic and said they are now friends.

“I made a new friend in Ninja!” He said. “Tyler is a Midwestern citizen and married to a Wisconsinist. Her intelligence and his charisma shine through. You can understand why he became the number one streamer in the world. He worked hard for it. “

Ludwig has once again proven that he is the king of innovation when it comes to pushing the limits of what streamers can do. He did it with Mogul Money, a Jeopardy-inspired game show. He now he did it again with Poker.

This isn’t the first time that streamers have come together to play poker in streaming. However, it was probably the largest and most professionally organized tournament they ever had, and it had some real pros too.

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