Persona 4 Golden is now verified for Steam Deck

Having originally been made as a reasonable quality PlayStation Vita port of the main line Person 4, Person 4 gold received wide critical acclaim soon after its release in 2008. However, it was only twelve years later, in 2020, that the game would release on PC via Steam, giving it yet another lease on life that coincidentally crosses over. Valve’s portable gaming PC.

Still, Person 4 gold did not immediately receive the deck verification badge, with various problems that emerged to prevent complete and correct verification, mainly related to the video and audio of the game. These issues have apparently been fixed, however, as the game is now listed as a “Verified Deck” on Steam.


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Until now, Person 4 gold it wasn’t supported on Steam Deck, which actually meant that while the game could technically run, there were potentially game-breaking issues, which users were unlikely to be able to fix on their own. Instead, it was up to Sega and Atlus to correct the codec of the game’s footage to run on the Deck. However, there was no real information available that anyone was working on fixing things, which makes the game’s “Verified” state a pleasant surprise for deck owners.

Deck owners should now be able to enjoy themselves Person 4 gold without any real hassle, adding the game to the growing list of the best Deck Verified RPGs available for purchase. In fact, since the game began its life as a Vita exclusive, it’s reasonable to expect it will fare much better on the Deck than, say, The Witcher 3simply due to the nature of its user interface and game mechanics, which make it perfect for this particular platform.

At the moment, there are over 2,500 playable games in total on the Steam Deck, and the list includes over 50% of the best 100 Steam games of all time. The list of fully verified games is even smaller, of course, and it’s also worth pointing out that some players have encountered problems running certain verified games on the deck. These are, however, few and far between and the badge generally promises an excellent gaming experience in almost any case.

In addition to making the game work flawlessly on the Steam Deck, the developers may have more plans in store for P4G still. Namely, there are rumors of Person 4 gold coming to PS4 and Switch, effectively doubling its platform coverage. This, however, is not yet confirmed and should be taken with a grain of salt right now.

Person 4 gold is now available on PC and PS Vita.

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