Netflix today adds a new game, Relic Hunters: Rebels, in which you fight space ducks

Netflix has announced that Relic Hunters: Rebels will be its next game release, which will join the library today, May 3rd. Relic Hunters: Rebels was developed by the Brazilian studio Rogue Snail. Play four Hunter characters – Jimmy, Ace, Pinkyy and Raff – as you collect new weapons, each with unique abilities. Players battle space ducks and turtles to try and defeat the evil Ducan Empire.

Rogue Snail CEO Mark Venturelli said, “In addition to being huge Netflix fans, we were thrilled to be one of Netflix Games’ first pioneering developers and to be part of this story from the very beginning.”

The executive said the studio was eager to work with Netflix in part because it didn’t have to think about any kind of monetization, since Netflix’s game offerings don’t have microtransactions. “It allows us to focus on creating a fun game without having to worry about how to pay the bills. This keeps the game fun and fair for everyone,” Venturelli said.

The executive went on to say that Rogue Snail attempted to make Relic Hunters: Rebels work “easily on older phones” in an effort to help the game reach a wider audience.

One of the Rebels characters, Baru, is not binary. Venturelli said the studio hopes to help players feel “embraced for who they are” and including Baru was part of that effort.

“The inclusion of Baru was absolutely natural considering that the character was written by a non-binary person, drawn by a trans woman and voiced by a non-binary talent in Jan Aponte,” Venturelli said. “We want our players to feel embraced for who they are. We also believe the gaming community is growing and learning that making more people feel welcomed and accepted doesn’t make the space any less so for guys like me, aka a white nerd boy. As long as we all respect each other, we can have a lot more fun together.

Rebels is available for download from the Netflix mobile app right now on iOS and Android at no additional cost, just like all Netflix games.

In other news, Netflix is ​​reportedly looking to offer nearly 50 games on its service by the end of 2022. In addition to partnering with the studios, Netflix also owns a few, including Boss Fight, Next Games, and Next School Studio.

Recently, Netflix confirmed that it has lost 200,000 subscribers in the past three months and expects to lose another 2 million in the next few months. Additionally, Netflix is ​​now considering offering an ad-based subscription tier to Netflix Education to increase subscribers and revenue.

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