Nebula V rounds are “worthless” according to Warzone players

Nebula V approaches War zone are a tough on-the-ground update for players to think about, with some finding it undesirable on their travels around the Battle Royale game maps. As Operation Monarch approaches following the recent release of Season 3, players may find their interest in the game reinvigorated by trying out some of the new content that has been out since April 27. This once again means getting to grips with the many field updates that can be found on Points of Interest and understanding how they can help a player win a match or two.

Unlike the simplest War zone field upgrades like Stopping Power Rounds (removed in the latest patch) which provides an ammo magazine that does more damage or the Munitions Box which replenishes ammo for your guns and equipment. Nebula V Rounds when collected houses the gun currently equipped with toxin bullets. When the bullets knock down an enemy, it causes a cloud of gas to be emitted around his body, damaging all players who come within close range.

Considering player reactions, however, the Nebula V Rounds may have turned out to be more damage for many Warzone players. Players have voiced their complaints on the Warzone subreddit, discussing the problems they’ve had with Nebula gas. In this Reddit thread, a player points out the damage caused by gas looting the bodies of enemies inconvenientbecause of the gas that poisons anyone who approaches, that damage body platesa finished armor that protects the player from potential damage.

While the post isn’t entirely one-sided in its criticism of the bullets in question, with many pointing out the benefits of being able to hit an enemy from afar using such bullets, preventing enemy teammates from wanting to resurrect the downed player on their own. squad. Some also pointed to the merits of having more bullets in the gun or firing a rocket filled with nebulous gas into an enclosed space.

Despite opinions to the contrary, the consensus appears to be that Nebula V Rounds as a field update is a niche in nature, if not ineffective in achieving its intended purpose. They take no additional damage when equipped and can make for dangerous close-quarters firefights for the victor who is looking to reap the spoils of his victory. And in that sense, the field update could perhaps use some optimization in the next patches, considering the removal of Stopping Power and Dead Silence, which has reduced the number of field updates that players now have access to.

Call of Duty Warzone is now available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PC.

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