Multiple child sex offenders, gang members arrested after crossing the border into the United States

Border patrol agents in several sectors of the southwestern border arrested sex offenders on previously deported minors and members of violent gangs.

Sector Patrol Chief Officer Yuma Chris T. Clem tweeted photos of two different child sex offenders after they illegally re-entered the United States from Mexico. Officers arrested 57-year-old Domi Gustavo Jimenez Mayorquin, a Mexican citizen, after illegally crossing the border from Mexico to Arizona on Saturday night. During a biometric background investigation, officers found that a New York court had convicted the man of sexual assault on a child in 1995.

A few days earlier, Yuma sector agents arrested 35-year-old Marco Julio Bran, also a Mexican citizen, after illegally returning to the United States. A document check revealed a 2008 conviction for lewd and lewd acts with a child under the age of 14. The court sentenced the man to three years in prison. Officials did not disclose the state in which the act occurred.

In the nearby Tucson sector, Patrol Chief Officer John R. Modlin tweeted a photo of Felix Armenta, a Mexican citizen arrested near Douglas, Arizona. Court records revealed a conviction for attempted criminal sexual abuse aggravated by a court in DuPage County, Illinois.

In the Rio Grande Valley sector, officers arrested three members of the violent 18th Street gang and two other migrants sentenced to prison for cruelty to a child and sexual assault, according to a tweet from patrol chief officer Brian Hastings.

Any previously deported migrants could face federal proceedings for illegal re-entry after removal as a convicted criminal. If convicted, each could face up to 20 years in federal prison.

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