Morbius fans are spreading fake news about Morbius 2

According to very real and credible news sources, Lin-Manuel Miranda is replacing Jared Leto as Morbius. Definitely real, definitely not fake.

Morbius 2 did not have the green light. Sorry if I popped your blood-fueled vampire bubble, but Sony hasn’t said anything about any sequel, that doesn’t stop the internet from trying to manifest it through funny and ironic memes and fake news, though.

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“Guys, shit, the official soundtrack for Morbius 2 is leaked,” Nic Brinsley tweeted, attaching a photo of a Spotify playlist filled with nothing but Like A G6 to help Jared Leto get into the Morbin spirit.

The Parody DiscussingFilm DiscussvingFlim account also joined in the fun with some made-up casting news, revealing that Anya Taylor-Joy was cast as Jackie Morbius, Michael’s sister, in “Morbius 2: More Bius, More Problems .. . “


They added that Better Call actor Saul Michael McKean was cast to play Malcolm Morbius, the father who abandoned him at a young age “due to his illness”. They also teamed up with Jacob Batalon who plays Ned in Spider-Man as part of this unlikely team, with “newcomer Kane Ritchotte” to play Jackie’s love interest.

Finally, according to this slew of decidedly real casting news, Christine Baranski will play Melissa Morbius, Michael’s aunt, while Jared Leto himself has been replaced by none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The reason for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s casting is, according to this report, once again quite real, because it is a “musical with a dance number for PSY’s That That” famous for Gangnam Style.

Others like Sasha (@tinywienerbabe) shared CNN fake news that was written to be a little more believable, with the headline saying, “Sony Gives Morbius Sequel Green Light For Paramount + and Disney + Streaming Services, Release Date at the beginning of 2024 “. None of this is true, unfortunately, but maybe one day we will see Mighty Morbin and his Morbius Rangers on the big screen.

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