Minecraft frogs ate goats

When The Wild update for Minecraft arrives, players will be able to learn about the noble frog. The sandbox game frogs come in different varieties and have undergone several iterations since their announcement during Minecraft Live 2021, including a short-lived version that ate goats.

Goat-eating frogs were born, as these things often do, as an experiment. As Minecraft vanilla gameplay developer Alexander Östman explains in the latest post on the official site, Mojang had to figure out how to get frogs to eat things. At first, he says, frogs were programmed to eat only slime, but Östman had to figure out how to make eating behavior modifiable: creators should be able to get frogs to eat other types of mobs, or for new types of mobs. have your own diet.

As proof of this new behavior, Östman said he made frogs able to eat goats, “because I thought it would be fun.” To everyone’s delight in the studio (though, presumably not the goats), it worked like a spell: frogs hopped around swallowing the goats they encountered.

When it came time to ship the first beta version of the Minecraft frog, Östman made a fundamental mistake: he completely forgot that he ordered the frogs to eat goats. The beta came out, people seemed to love it, and Östman and the team went to bed in Sweden satisfied with another fun feature in the hands of the Minecraft community.

Meanwhile, Minecraft players were discovering the monstrous eating habits of the new frogs. Videos appeared on the Internet with headlines such as “The frog eats the whole goat”. Östman felt a mix of emotions the next day when he saw what had happened. “I literally fell off my chair laughing, I was VERY embarrassed, but it was also absolutely hilarious,” he says.

Östman says he corrected the mistake right away, but the players loved it and asked him to bring it back. “To this day, someone occasionally tags me to bring back the goat-eating frog,” he says. “It’s even become a bit of an inside joke on our team.”

Frogs were originally meant to eat fireflies, but Östman says the Minecraft community has pointed out that these can be poisonous to real-world frogs. Now, little amphibians only eat slime, a much safer source of nutrition, we’re told.

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