Liverpool fans fail to reach the Champions League final after being stuck

A group of Liverpool fans will miss the Champions League final Saturday night, after a company of coaches would have left them stranded.

While each team officially only gets 19,618 tickets apiece, there will be many who have managed to get tickets in other ways and even more simply by soaking up the atmosphere in the French capital.

However, a group of Reds fans were denied the chance to arrive in Paris, after claiming he was blocked by Coach Innovations, on the side of the road by the company.

Liverpool players train at the stadium before the final. Image: PA images

It is said that the coaches had not shown up for hours and when one arrived they simply beeped to those who were waiting and carried on, before claims were made that no fans were present.

“We came to the rocket on Queens Drive for a reprise of the 4:15 pm schedule,” said a fan, Jay Burke, to the Liverpool Echo.

“It was supposed to be 6:15 pm, but the company emailed everyone two days ago stating that the pickup changed at 4:15 pm. Hundreds of us were there by 4:15 pm and only about five of the 24 coaches they have arrived.

“The four of us stayed there until 11pm without any communication just hoping a coach would come. A coach arrived at 10pm and everyone poured in to get on, no logs or whatever just who comes first gets served.” .

Liverpool fans in Paris but not all will be there.  Image: PA images
Liverpool fans in Paris but not all will be there. Image: PA images

The 25-year-old added that he finally contacted the club after many phone calls, but was told that a manager had arrived but there were no fans.

Burke was also told he would have to call back on Monday for a refund, which is hardly the answer to his and many other travel problems on Friday nights.

Others took to social media to complain about the situation, which left them standing on Queens Drive hoping to be picked up and taken to Paris, though some made it.

Demi Edmunds turned to Facebook to say: “The coach to go to the final in Paris had to pick us up at 4.15pm today and each coach stopped and let the people who shouldn’t have been on that number. of coach about it.

“Then to top it off our coach walked past us with no one on him and then when the angry fans called they said ‘the manager of the company passed and there was no one there.’

“Disgusted and disappointed fans have been waiting. Six hours of my life wasted. At the moment I am coming home so disappointed.”

We reached out to Coach Innovations to get their comment on the incident.

Many showed up in Paris to soak up the atmosphere.  Image: PA images
Many showed up in Paris to soak up the atmosphere. Image: PA images

The problem is the second disgust for a large group of Liverpool fans who are hoping to see their team add to their illustrious history, in Paris, in the last few days.

A group of fans were scammed out of £ 19,000 on match tickets and over 100 tickets turned out to be fake, as the account selling the tickets was soon deleted and the phone number disconnected.

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