How to initiate and overcome the Destiny 2 Nightmare Containment Activity

Looking for tips on how to overcome Destiny 2’s new Nightmare Containment Activity? Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted features a familiar enemy: Emperor Calus. The Laughter Lord has awakened an army of Nightmares on Leviathan and these products of the Pyramids are here specifically to exploit the worst fears of the Guardians.

For the Destiny 2 Seasonal Nightmare Containment Activity, your Guardian must head to the Leviathan to confront Calus and the Nightmares. However, the once opulent ship is now dilapidated and overgrown with greenery. It’s also home to hordes of Cabal and Scorn, plus all those bad nightmares.

Guardians must fight these nightmares by collecting fragments of Terror and then tying the nightmares together using ritual points scattered around the arena. There are three levels in a run, and each nightmare containment level has slightly different mechanics. Here’s everything you need to know about the seasonal business, including the rewards you can get for beating it, a guide to all three business levels, and how to start it in the first place.

How to start the Destiny 2 Seasonal Nightmare Containment Activity

You must own the Seasonal Content and complete Operation: Midas on the Derelict Levithan to access Nightmare Containment. This mission is really simple, so you don’t have to prepare yourself. Upon completion, you will be transported to the ELMO where you can find the Crown of Sorrows Hive Artifact – interact with that and accept the Seasonal Nightmare Reaper artifact so you can start claiming rank rewards and collecting bounties.

Once done, go to the Destination screen and select the Moon. In the lower left corner of the screen, find the Leviathan Wreck. Select Nightmare Containment and before selecting the green “Start” button, be sure to change the activity mode from “Castellum” to the option that says “Containment”. This will bring you to players who are solely looking to complete the nightmare containment task, making sure there are enough active participants to complete the task.

While the game recommends a power level of 1580 for activity, it will automatically increase your power level to 1570 if you are below that level.

The three levels of containment of the nightmare

Nightmare Containment has three levels. The summoning process begins when someone puts down their Nightmare Harvester. You then have five minutes to complete each level. Even though you will face numerous hordes, your HUD will indicate which enemies to target. During the process, enemies will release small fragments called Vestiges of Dread, which can be used to bind nightmares. Players can also earn vestiges of terror from other Destiny 2 activities in the Abandoned Leviathan, so it’s a good idea to have some on hand before starting this event so you can get more loot at the end.

The first level begins when someone places a Nightmare Harvester in the designated location. This spawns in hordes of enemies, as well as Dreadbringers who release Dread Cores when killed. Placing these Dread Cores in the Nightmare Reaper spawns Relics, which are powerful, high-damage scythes. Note that when you do this you will summon Dread Devourers with Overload traits, so you should prioritize weapons and abilities that can counter them with Disrupt. As soon as you defeat these champions, the game will task you with eliminating two psionic illusions to reveal the shielded Atavist Egregore. You can wipe them out quickly using melee. After eliminating them, more Dreadbringers arise and when you defeat those and place the Dread Cores in the drop in the Nightmare Reaper, a Nightmare Herald will be summoned.

When the Nightmare reaches half its health, it summons an impenetrable shield. You have to remove the shield by shooting two Resonant Splters, which are black diamonds floating in the air. Once the shields have dropped, you can focus your fire on the Nightmare to defeat it, which advances you to the second level. Don’t forget to grab the heavy ammo that appears at the end of each level.

The second level doesn’t differ much, but it’s slightly more difficult and there are more enemies to kill. Instead of two Egregore Atavists, there are four in this round, and players must take down four Resonant Splters during the last Nightmare match of this level.

Level three begins when someone activates the reaper and summons Nightmare of Elykris, the Machinist. After your party has lost a third of Elykris’ health, it will develop a shield and two shielded Emissaries will also appear. Six more resonant shards will appear and taking them down will remove the shields of the emissaries. After defeating the emissaries, Elykris will lose his shield. When he reaches a third of health, the process begins again.

Rewards for containing the nightmare

If you complete each level in less than five minutes, you will complete the race. Make sure you interact with the Nightmare Harvester at the end to collect a variety of different rewards depending on the amount of Dread you have amassed. You’ll still find a basic chest, but if you have 500 relics of terror, you can bind them for even better rewards, like an Ascendant League, Seasonal Armor and Weapons, Bound Presence (which can be redeemed for seasonal items as part of the Sever mission), and Opulent Umbral Energy, which is used to concentrate Umbral Engrams into Opulent and Haunted weapons and armor). Completing multiple runs before each weekly reset will also award powerful gear.

This is our quick rundown on how to beat Destiny 2’s seasonal nightmare containment activity. If you’re new to Bungie’s space game, get to know our guide to picking the best Destiny 2 class and our ranking of the best. Destiny 2 Exotics: You have a lot to do, so you’ll want to make it use the best equipment. If you’re a returning Destiny demon, however, check out our guides to Destiny 2 Daily Lost Sector, Nightfall Weapon Rotation, and Weekly Timelost Weapon. There is always a lot to do.

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