How to get the white mask in Elden Ring

The secret is out: Bleed builds are OPs in the current Elden Ring PvP meta and are just as great in PvE. With enough Dexterity points, most Bleed weapons, from Moon Veil to Rivers of Blood, are viable options. But it’s the equipment you choose to pair with these weapons that makes a Bleed build truly special, and the White Mask is the best of the bunch.

The White Mask increases your attack power when you inflict Bleed.

The White Mask is the Helmet of the Surgeon of War Set. When worn, increase your attack power by 10% for 20 seconds after bleeding an enemy. Also stacks with the Bloodlord’s Talisman of Exultation, which increases your attack power by 20%. Together, you’ll consistently hit enemies for 30% more damage.