How to align your ABM, Marketing Automation and CRM systems to measure campaign ROI

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As a marketer looking to prepare for spring campaigns with your marketing team, one of the challenges is aligning your customer relationship marketing (CRM), marketing automation, and account-based marketing (ABM) tools. so they can start measuring campaign ROI. Marketing teams segment for their accounts from the CRM system and leverage the firmographic data from the ABM system to further segment ABM campaigns. Most of the contact points for key contacts on accounts take place in CRM and marketing automation systems in the form of email and mobile messages.

The challenge is how to report on the effectiveness of campaigns when these three systems are involved with an ad hoc integration between them. Here, I’ll give you guidelines on what you can do strategically as a marketer that can help you get your reports easily and with fewer errors.

Define your system of record

The main data for campaigns are accounts, contacts and campaigns. The key questions to ask are:

1. Which of the three systems involved would have the most up-to-date account and contact information?

2. Which system has the key contacts for your accounts and where does your team keep your contacts up to date?

Ideally, the CRM system should be the registration system for accounts and contacts. If the marketing team wants to segment accounts based on additional firmographic data such as company size, industry, and number of employees, the segmentation data can be located on the ABM system. This can help marketers easily segment their favorite ABM and run their ABM campaigns. All channel engagement data such as clicks and email opens can reside in your marketing automation system.

Reporting in one system

Once the system of record is defined, integration between systems is important to ensure that all relevant data flows between systems in real time. Since engagements for your leads can happen in CRM in the form of phone calls from sales reps and emails from your marketing automation, the question comes down to which system can be the right system for running your campaign performance reports. .

Traditionally, marketers would like to keep reports on the ABM system, as the entire ABM campaign runs in that system. However, due to the limited integration of ABM systems within CRM systems such as Salesforce and marketing automation systems, it may make more sense to keep reporting at the CRM level. How do you ensure that the CRM has all the reporting data it needs?

1. Any campaign created in ABM systems must be synchronized with a campaign in your CRM system.

2. Any trips or campaigns run in your marketing automation system must also be synced with your CRM system as campaigns.

3. All outbound calls made by sales reps for the ABM campaign must be registered in the CRM campaign or a child of the ABM campaign in your CRM.

4. By leveraging your CRM’s native integration capabilities with ABM and marketing automation or by performing a batch data dump on your CRM you can ensure that your CRM system is fully up to date with all reporting data.

5. Any opportunity created by the campaign must be tagged with the ABM campaign, which can be used to easily measure the ROI of the campaign.

6. Using CRM for reporting can also help marketing teams proactively notify the sales team of any successful engagements immediately. This would align the sales and marketing teams on ABM campaigns and ensure the success of the campaign.

Instead of having a narrow approach to using ABM tools for everything, marketers should consider using CRM for reporting their campaigns and keeping campaign data in one place. As your marketing team drives ABM campaigns in your ABM tools, it’s important that your sales, IT, and marketing teams align with the system of records and reporting and ensure they all run in one system.

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