Gary Neville left to regret opening tweet during Jamie Carragher’s Liverpool Vs Villarreal

Gary Neville was enjoying himself as Liverpool looked like they might be on the wrong side of a huge European comeback, but in the end it was Jamie Carragher who laughed at his partner.

On Tuesday night, Liverpool faced Villarreal in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final, earning a two-goal lead against El Madrigal.

Having been called a “Champions League shame” in their first match, Villarreal should have shown fighting at home, but no one thought Unai Emery’s side had much of a chance, despite previous shocks against Juventus and Bayern Munich.

However, they proved everyone wrong at the start in Spain, with Boulaye Dia putting his team ahead only in the third minute, in jubilant scenes in the stands.

However, it wasn’t just Villarreal fans who enjoyed the goal, with Neville quickly tweeting a picture of him enjoying a glass of red wine, with a stunned look on his face.

Things then went even better for both Villarreal and, more importantly for this article, Neville. After Mohamed Salah missed Liverpool’s best chance, the hosts thought they should have taken a penalty.

The referee thought that Giovani Lo Celso had jumped on Alisson, rather than the other way around, and the VAR agreed, but a few minutes later it was 2-0.

Francis Coquelin headed home without signs in the box, on Etienne Capoue’s cross, leveling things off overall and bringing Neville back to social media for another post.

However, the Manchester United legend, who was picked by Roy Keane for his all-time United XI on Monday, didn’t have much to smile at in the second half.

The introduction of Luis Diaz’s Jurgen Klopp, plus an utter and utter catastrophe of Villarreal goalkeeper Geronimo Rulli in the second half turned things around.

Fabinho, Diaz and Sadio Mane all came on the scoresheet, with the visiting goalkeeper playing a role in all three goals, while Liverpool ended up winning the tie 5-2.

Neville nearly reacted by crying into his wine glass and things only got worse for him as fellow Sky Sports expert Carragher was ready to pounce.

The former Liverpool defender, who was no doubt as worried as many of the Reds’ half-time fans, had three excellent tweets for Neville, all set to go.

First of all Carra retweeted his enemy friend as soon as the full-time whistle blew, also taking hits to all fans of United, Manchester City and Everton.

And then followed up with two hilarious Neville reaction photos, you’d like to think he has a whole folder of these saved somewhere.

Football’s greatest surprise bromance will never be fun!

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