FFXIV; Housing Lotto Fix is ​​coming, by manufacturer

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The developers of Final Fantasy 14 worked hard to fix the real estate lottery system it was introduced with patch 6.1 last month. After a very shaky launch, the FF14 housing lot was temporarily paused while the development team came up with an urgent solution due to numerous technical bugs that prevented lottery bidders from winning plots even with the best offer; obviously this was causing frustration for players who eventually thought they had some hope of getting a piece of land in Eorzea, not yet Adventurers. Final Fantasy XIV director and producer Naoki Yoshida announced today that his team has completed the necessary solutions to get the lottery back online and will launch it on Monday, May 16, during maintenance to restore the lottery data.

Once the maintenance is complete, the winning lottery numbers should now display correctly and the temporary suspensions on land purchases / transfers will be lifted. If a player previously won a parcel of land before the lot system was suspended, he should be able to claim that land after maintenance. It will be important for the lotto winners to finalize the land purchase before the next lottery starts, otherwise they risk losing their land, but the gil should be refunded.

How the system will work

The lottery system will run in 9-day cycles; the first 5 days will be for entries and the last 4 days to give the winners plenty of time to claim their property. For example, the next round of the lottery will start on May 26 at 8:00 am (PDT); for 5 days the adventurers will be able to participate in the lottery on a particular housing plot of interest, there is no need to sit around a sign for days like in the past, they just go in and do their business; after day 5 the winners will be determined but a new lottery won’t start for another 4 days so giving current winners enough time to log in and claim their reward seems fair enough.

As the next round of the lottery will start on May 26 at 8:00 am, winners before the lottery closes will have to finalize their purchase by May 26 at 7:59 am.

“As this is very important, let me reiterate: you must finalize all land purchases for this ongoing lottery before the next lottery cycle begins.” – Naoki Yoshia

Lottery winners who have already received a refund

After the maintenance on May 16, some players may find that they have won the lottery despite Square Enix having already returned them a refund for the technical difficulties they encountered. Yoshida confirms that SE will not withdraw those refunds from players since, according to Yoshida, “these real estate lottery problems have been significant and have caused great stress and frustration in many players. “This is exciting news for those lucky enough to log in after maintenance to find they are new homeowners, if only the real estate market. RL were the generous one these days!

An interesting, if not comic, piece of information shared by Yoshi-P is that in patch 6.2 Square Enix plans to include an NPC within the housing districts to which players can voluntarily choose to return any “incidental” refunds; it’s comical because I’m not sure who would bother doing such a thing, after all this is not a real currency we’re talking about here and the fact that the developers are spending their time making such an NPC is fun for me . Now, whether players get some sort of reward for voluntarily returning the virtual currency is still unknown, but I’m not sure what kind of reward would make sense for such an action IF he is the one who did the booboo and should just move on from it to this point.

There are only a couple of days left for maintenance, so FFXIV players have a lot to wait for patch 6.2. Not only the return of the housing lot, but also the Island Sanctuary which will be in many ways an alternative to FFXIV housing, although it seems to me that it will be even better as players will have an entire island (size unknown) to make them your own. Island Sanctuary will arrive with patch 6.2, still in a few months.

What do you think of Final Fantasy 14’s housing system? If the lot works as expected, do you think it will solve the problems that have plagued the FF14 housing system for years? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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