Dream’s alternate Twitch account has been banned

The popular Minecraft Dream streamer is having an issue with Twitch community guidelines, which has left him unable to stream on his alternate channel.

Minecraft is one of the most culturally significant video games of recent memory. With a devoted and creative fan base known for using the game to create everything from the White House to Khonshu Temple Knight of the Moon, unsurprisingly, the game is popular with streamers. A very prominent streamer, however, clashed with Twitch and his account was banned.

Minecraft Streamer Dream is practically synonymous with gaming. Ask anyone even remotely familiar with the community to name a Minecraft streamer, and it is likely that they will develop Dream. Despite his popularity, he is still not insensitive to Twitch rules and has found his account on the platform banned starting May 3.


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The exact reason for the ban is not yet known, although the streaming platform claims it is a “violation of Twitch Community Guidelines.” The popular Twitch streamer and Game Awards nominee did not suspend his main account, but rather the account that was banned in this case was his alternate “dreamwastaken” account. He seemed to be taking the ban with firm stride, jokingly replying to a Twitter thread about the ban with “WHO WILL STOP ME”.

It would appear that the ban may have been due to Dream’s licensed music playing, and was therefore banned for violating the DMCA. The irony is that the song in question appears to be “Heat Waves” by the British indie rock group Glass Animals; a song that was famously remixed to talk about the same streamer.

Twitch is a platform that has allowed many content creators to see their work and be able to make a career out of it. While no creator should be above the rules set by the platform, Twitch may want to work to take care of its relationship with its most popular streamers. Twitch’s proposed revenue changes have already disturbed some prominent Twitch personalities, and things like banning channels for playing music that has a direct association with the streamer himself could create further turmoil.

Many streamers can, and can, start putting their content elsewhere. Some are already publicly declaring their intention to take profitable streaming deals with YouTube, and this would certainly be an option for Dream which already has just under 30 million subscribers on the site. Fans of its content will never have a problem enjoying it; the only thing that can change is where they have fun. This Twitch incident doesn’t seem to have bothered Dream too much, so it may not be about to make any drastic changes, but the wider streaming landscape may be about to change.

Minecraft is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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