Destiny 2’s Iron Banner event is changing frequency, happening twice this season

Bungie has made it clear that the next time Destiny 2 players play Iron Banner, one of its recurring competitive game modes, it will look different. With Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted, Iron Banner should feel more like an event, and that starts with its frequency.

In the developer’s latest This Week at Bungie post, he reiterated that Iron Banner would take place twice this season, on May 31 and again on July 12, as opposed to the usual three occurrences. Rather than taking place once a month throughout the season, the move reflects Bungie’s intention to “up the ante” behind Iron Banner. To match the grandeur, Valus Forge (formerly Iron Lord Saladin) will now be in the foreground and center of the Tower where Event Vendor Eva Levante usually stands, rather than being pushed into a corner that players often forget.