DeSantis digs up Elon Musk, discouraging the relocation of Twitter’s Florida headquarters

  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis derided efforts to bring Twitter to the state.
  • DeSantis said a Twitter headquarters in Florida would raise the cost of living.
  • Twitter is headquartered in San Francisco, but has received calls from other states to relocate.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has discouraged Twitter from bringing its headquarters to the state following Elon Musk’s privatization of the platform, Jacksonville News4JAX outlet reported.

In a press conference on Monday, DeSantis said the company will bring between $ 15 and $ 20 million in profit to the state when Musk officially owns the platform due to the state’s investment in Twitter. But he said that actually welcoming the company into the state would result in a higher cost of living for Sunshine State residents.

“In Florida, I think we’ve done very well, particularly in recent years, attracting companies that make things,” DeSantis said. “Importing some tech company from San Francisco was not at the top of our list. I think what happens is that they will tend to come in, they will raise the cost of living for everyone else. Yes, they enjoy our lowest taxes. but you know, what are they really providing? “

Twitter approved Musk’s offer to buy the company for $ 43 billion outright on April 25. Musk has received calls from lawmakers and members in several states to move Twitter’s headquarters out of San Francisco.

Facing DeSantis, some Florida lawmakers and residents encouraged Musk to move to Florida.

“Join me in inviting @elonmusk to move @Twitter to the freeest state in the nation! Florida would benefit the company as a whole – we don’t have a state

income tax

and the perfect business climate. Time to book a one way ticket (SIC), ”Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis said in a tweet.

Patronis has created a website where residents can sign their names in approval of the transfer.

In Texas, Congressman Tan Parker said he would “roll out the red carpet” for Musk if he moved the company headquarters there. Texas is home to many of Musk’s companies, including Tesla, SpaceX, and Boring Company.

Musk said he does not own a home and often stays at friends’ houses.

“This is a guy who has been successful in almost every business he has ever done. And so he will, our state will benefit from it, we will get, I think, $ 15, $ 20 million in profit from our retirement fund. But then it will make that company more valuable, I have no doubts about that, “DeSantis said at the press conference.

DeSantis did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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