Denmark will destroy coronavirus vaccine doses after announcing the shutdown

Denmark will discard up to 1.1 million doses of Wuhan coronavirus vaccines after announcing last week that it would discontinue its vaccination schedule.

Officials in Denmark have indicated that they may need to reduce the 1.1 million vaccine doses as they are set to expire soon and that although they have attempted to donate the doses to other countries, they have failed in their efforts.

The Statens Serum Institut (SSI), the government agency in charge of recording the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus in the country, said the country simply has a large surplus of vaccines and that just over eight out of ten Danes have received at least two doses. , the Associated Press reports.

The move comes just days after the Danish government announced last week that it would completely halt its vaccination program, with the Danish Health Authority saying infections were decreasing and hospitalization rates were reaching stable levels.

Bolette Soborg, the Health Authority’s director of infectious diseases, commented on the move saying it would only be temporary and said: “We plan to reopen the vaccination program in the fall. This will be preceded by a thorough professional assessment of who and when. to vaccinate and with which vaccines “.

Denmark was one of the first countries in Europe to end restrictions on the Wuhan coronavirus earlier this year in January, with the country’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen referring to the end of the mask mandates saying the country could “smile again”.

Denmark’s move, which followed England’s by a few days, was greeted by a wave of other European countries that said they would end their coronavirus restrictions, including many countries that have abandoned their systems of health subscription.

Now, very few countries maintain a health pass system or mask mandates, with Italy recently abandoning its health pass system on May 1st.

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