Apex Legends Mobile – Live Fire Event Guide

One of Apex Legends Mobile’s first post-launch events, the Live Fire event, is now available to players of the hugely popular mobile version of Respawn’s hit battle royale. Players who complete the event will earn free loot, including an exclusive R-99 mobile skin. Read on for details on how to complete the Live Fire event and get all the free rewards.

To start

After logging in, a splash screen will appear announcing the event. Select “Go” and you will be taken directly to the event page. But if you’ve accidentally clicked past the ad and are having trouble navigating Apex Legends Mobile’s crowded and somewhat confusing user interface, you can also manually navigate to the event page. From the main lobby screen, select the seasonal event page, located on the left side of the lobby screen, just below the news slides.

You will then be directed to Seasonal Navigation, where you will see information on all current and upcoming Apex Legends Mobile events. In the right column of the event list (found just below the Grow Your Squad event) is the Live Fire event, which can be easily identified by the R-99 depicted in the announcement image. After selecting the Live Fire event, you will be taken to the challenge page and the event’s free rewards track.

Apex Legends mobile season navigation page, Live Fire event in the right column.


Unlike many events in the console / PC version of Apex Legends, the challenges for the Live Fire event are identical for each player. All challenges require players to perform specific feats in battle using specific weapons, but fortunately they are not very difficult to perform. The Live Fire event consists of the following six SMG-based challenges:

  • Deal 500 damage with the Volt SMG
  • Deal 800 damage with the alternator
  • Kill 6 enemies with the R-99
  • Deal 200 damage with the Prowler SMG in a single match
  • Take down enemies 15 times using any SMG
  • Deal 2000 cumulative damage with any SMG
Apex Legends Mobile Live Fire Event Challenges and Rewards.
Apex Legends Mobile Live Fire Event Challenges and Rewards.


The challenges themselves are simple enough, but here are some tips that will help you complete the event challenges as quickly as possible:

Play Team Deathmatch or Arenas. While challenges can be completed in any game mode (except for Shooting Range / Free Practice modes), completing challenges in Battle Royale mode will likely take significantly longer than doing it in Team Deathmatch or Arenas modes, which allow players to select their favorite weapons instead of doing reliance on randomized loot.

Play the right legend. The Live Fire event can be completed with any legend, so it’s always best to pick one you feel comfortable with, but some legends have more advantages than others when it comes to this event. We’ve had the best of luck using Bloodhound (whose tracking abilities are invaluable in almost any mode), Mirage (who can easily escape when things heat up and lure hidden enemies with his lures) and Gibraltar (whose Gun Shield helps significantly when it comes to taking down enemies without landing first).


Completing each challenge will earn you money 20 challenge points. The rewards of the Live Fire event are as follows:

  • 15 Challenge Points: Players receive 3000 Seasonal Currency, which can be spent on cosmetics in the Seasonal Shop.
  • 35 Challenge Points: Unlock the Bullet Gun Charm.
  • 60 Challenge Points: Players receive 4000 Seasonal Currency.
  • 85 Challenge Points: Players receive 100 Fluxes, which can be used to craft legendary skins in the Crafting section of the in-game shop.
  • 120 Challenge Points: Unlocks the rare level laser engraved weapon skin for the R-99.
The laser engraved R-99 weapon skin seen in Apex Legends Mobile.
The laser engraved R-99 weapon skin seen in Apex Legends Mobile.

All in all, the Live Fire event isn’t too difficult to complete, even if you’re new to Apex Legends or mobile games. But if you’re hoping to get all the rewards from the event, you might want to give it a move, as the Live Fire event only takes place from May 25 to 30 May. However, if you happen to finish early, there are still more goodies to win. Be sure to check out our guide to the Unleash Punishment event to unlock even more free loot and uncover details of the first mobile-exclusive legend’s mysterious past before the event ends May 27.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on iOS and Android.

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