Apex Legends IMC Armories – Tips for survival

The recent addition of Titanfall 2’s Stalkers to the IMC armories located on Apex Legends’ Storm Point map has made it the heaviest PvE map in the entire game, and with the exception of the Flyers, every single NPC on the island is out to get you . But taking on AI foes in the ring certainly has its advantages, as the spiders of Carthage and the Prowlers on Storm Point leave behind excellent goodies. The Stalker-class robots now lurking within the IMC arsenals in tropical paradise are similar, but they do not drop loot, but killing them will unlock special containers within the IMC armory itself, with bespoke loot for each loaded squad member.

These ruthless robots have made several appearances in Apex YouTube videos, first when they attacked Loba in the Season 5 launch trailer and then when Pathfinder took on one in Stories from the Outlands: Fight Night. While joining an IMC armory can give your team an edge over the competition, taking on the AI ​​army in combat can also have some downsides, and if you’re not careful, you could find yourself in a box of death. But with the right preparation, taking down these man-made monsters can be a breeze. Follow these three tips and you’ll be kicking your ass in no time.